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Many families have portraits of their children created

from newborn until about 5 years old when they enter

school, then except for the dreaded school portraits,

the only photos captured are snapshots on phones

and digital cameras, until the child becomes a high

school senior. This means there is a 10 to 12 year

period when no professional portraits are done.

However, it is this time period when our children

experience so many physical and emotional

changes and begin that journey toward adulthood.

Designed for ages 10 - 14, our "In-BeTweens" 

program was created to fill the portrait gap

between entering school and senior portraits.

The program consists of two photo sessions

capturing "Who they are" and "What they

love". We ask that the Tween choose their

own clothes and props for their photo shoots

to ensure we are able to create memories of

exactly who they are at this important time

of their life.

Parents will be provided ten 5"x7" mounted

prints, five from each session, along with a

custom designed wooden photo storage box,

and an display easel.

Our price for the photo sessions and the

collection of prints is only $239.


2018 Stan York Photography